Welcome to "Metal&Wood Furniture" World

How it all began? From dream to result!

Each specialist starts creating an exclusive business with small steps, which in the future turn into a confident march to the goal. So it was with us!

How was the dream tempered?

The company Metal&Wood existed in our hearts for a long time, back in 1997, when the company SVARKA EXPERT was established. Since then, the process of moving towards the goal began, in which a profound meaning was laid-the creation of a unique, useful and exclusive activity that brings benefits and comfort to our clients.

The principles of our work are unchanged - quality, high service, attentiveness and diligence, to this day the creative has been added to this list - it became the engine of the development of METAL & WOOD. Now we make furniture in wood in the style of LOFT.

The birth of a new direction!

Metal&Wood is a company that creates stylish and high-quality furniture in the style of LOFT from natural raw materials. To date, this style is often chosen for the design of offices, studios, salons, cafes, restaurants, but also it is preferred by the owners of houses and apartments, which are for ECOLOGY, naturalness, quality and exclusive.

How we are working?

We have certain working patterns - this is a necessity for any company, but in an individual approach! Based on the wishes of the client, we create a model of designer furniture. This concerns the individual development of furniture in the style of LOFT. In addition, we present the exhibition area of ​​finished furniture LOFT, where you can choose those models that you liked at first sight.

In addition to furniture products, our clients can order the development of stylish metal structures, as well as elements of LOFT decor for a fitting room (screw / straight ladders, shelves, other lamps).

This style is unique in its kind and it must be observed competently, adhering to the principle of minimalism, simplicity and naturalness!

Our clients are always up to date!

We made sure that our clients were always informed about important, interesting events. In addition to information on the site, you can always browse our projects on social networks, as well as read interesting notes about everything that concerns the design in ECO style.

You can order loft furniture now. Call us! We will be pleased to develop products for the decoration of your premises in the style of LOFT.

LOFT is the style of the future!